Have you thought about starting your own PLR shop but feel like you need to have a fully stocked shop before you can start?

I’ve been there and the first thing I have to say is, everyone starts with one product. With a little persistence you will have a shop full of products before you know it.

In fact, the benefit of starting slow is you can gradually build up your business and learn from the pitfalls, mistakes, technical bugaboos and such while the stakes are lower.

If something fails on your website, it is much better to have this happen with a few customers than a few hundred.

That said, it is possible to buy licenses to PLR products that you can then sell with PLR rights.

Now, a disclaimer about licensing. Every vendor will have their own terms for what you can and cannot do with a product.

In general, what you are looking for is a license that says Reseller rights, Master Resell Rights or Extended PLR rights.

In general, what you are looking for is a license that says Reseller Rights, Master Resell Rights, or Extended PLR rights.

From there, read the specific license terms. Generally each of these is a type of license that allows you to resell the product with PLR rights.

However, there is not always consistency within the industry as to the definition of each of those terms.

Some allow editing, others only allow you to sell it as is.

Did I mention to read the license? 😊

When it comes to written reseller PLR, it can be wise to keep the titles unedited. Since multiple PLR sellers may be reselling this, it prevents the customer from purchasing the same content twice and helps avoid refund requests.

If you are re-selling low content PLR, your sales page should have clear enough images that people can see what they are getting. A flipbook or video can be useful here as it makes it easier to show the pages but harder for people to copy.

The following are sources of PLR with reseller rights (note: not all products at their site may be reseller)

Low Content Resell Rights

For each of the following sources, I tell you the format that they are providing editable files in. You may transfer these to the format of your choice for editing and/or resell.

Links may be affiliate links. If you make a purchase I may earn a commission. I only affiliate with vendors I trust.

Planning Addicts

Jenn from Planning Addicts sells a variety of low content PLR and coloring pages. She also has a section in her shop with limited numbers of Reseller Licenses. These are primarily planners related to topics like self care, education, social media, and project planning. Only 25 licenses are sold as resell, with additional licenses available as PLR.

If you purchase a resell license, you must edit the planner enough to make it your own before reselling it as PLR. This means adding graphics, changing fonts and colors at a minimum.

Available for Powerpoint and Google Slides.

Your Essential Toolbox

April from Niche Starter Packs offers a versatile collection of pages that you could make multiple packs from. It includes budgeting, recipes, time management, trackers, worksheets, checklists, call to actions, covers, and lead magnet templates.

You can get this with a PLR or a Resell license that allows you to modify and resell it as PLR. Like Jenn, you must modify it before reselling it to others.

This one is in Canva format.

PLR Planners

Di Heuser sells limited licenses of planners and journals with Master Resell Rights in her shop. There may or may not be products in that section at any given time since once the licenses are sold, the products are removed.

Her themed MRR products usually include a digital and print planner/journal as well as covers, digital papers, stickers and clip art. This gives you lots of inbuilt options for customizing.

These packages are significantly more expensive than Jenn’s but you also have more options (e.g. digital planner and print planner) as well as graphics to use in your customization. Remember, when you buy undecorated reseller PLR you will still need to find (or make) graphics that allow you to pass on commercial rights, which can be tricky to find.

Finally, due to the price of these, I recommend these for more established shops who know they can recoup their investment. The low content PLR space is becoming increasingly competitive and after you pay affiliates, you may just break even if you are a new seller.

Editable in Powerpoint and Affinity

Simply Couture Designs

Carmen has one MRR product available and it is also a versatile collection. It includes everything you need: planner, sticker sheets, and mockups to sell it. This is also a higher priced product but includes 40 pages so you could break this into smaller products. Thirty-six of them are planner pages and there are 4 pages of stickers, although these are just repurposed in different ways/colors.

The planner pages are for Powerpoint, and the mockups are for Canva

Written Reseller PLR

Reseller PLR

Arun Chandran runs Reseller PLR and has over 200 products in business, lifestyle, self help and health related topics. These are small article packs or ebooks. He used to offer a sample pack but as of the time I am writing this, it has been removed.

His packs are inexpensive so I would purchase one or two a la carte if you want to sample them.  Then, if you are happy with what you see, consider one of his own build your own bundle options to stock your shop at a discount.

Arun is a great writer and his articles tend to be a little longer than typical PLR.

All Private Label Content

This site has been around since 2008. They used to offer a monthly membership of resell articles as recently as 2020 (I did it myself for a few months before deciding not to pursue written PLR).

It appears that now they have bundled thematically similar resell content into archived bundles. This means you can get a lot of content for a very small investment.

Final thoughts

1. Be careful about selling reseller PLR to the PLR world

Yes, this is a short list because quite honestly there is not a lot of this type of content out there. It does make sense as the PLR world is small and incestuous. What I mean is, everybody promotes each other so there ends up being a common pool of customers. This leaves little room for reselling PLR to this same audience. You either need to extensively revise, or plan to market these outside the box a little bit.

2. Avoid low quality MRR and RR sites

You may find low quality PLR sites offering MRR and Resell rights. Typically these are so outdated and so low quality that you may as well write them from scratch. You can identify them because they usually have ridiculously low prices, or offer all you can eat type memberships. This includes offers on Fiverr as well. If if seems too good to be true, it probably is garbage.

3. Stay on the lookout for extended licenses on regular PLR products

Other PLR vendors may offer MRR or resell products from time to time, or, they may offer resell rights as an add on to a regular PLR product so stay on the lookout for these types of offers.

4. Know the license terms before you buy

And finally, be cautious about licensing terms. In researching this article I came across a product where you could upgrade to resell rights. I almost included it in this list, but then remembered the original product is for personal use. So, in that case resell rights becomes like a PLR license where you have the right to sell it to others with a personal use license. If there is ever any question, contact the vendor before purchasing.

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