Six different tasting journals for KDP & beyond

Help your foodie audience keep track of their samples and tastings.

Aficionados of food and drink love to try new things but need a little help remembering what they sampled and what they thought about it. Scraps of paper get lost, so help them out with these tasting journals.

Six different tasting journals available as singles, in matched sets, or get the whole set.

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What you get:

• Two popular journal sizes: 7 x 10 in and 6 x 9 in

• Editable Affinity files (.afpub with some .afdesign graphic files for tasting wheels for select journals)

• PDF of each size with 122 pages done for you

• Commercial Rights—edit and publish as your own

Choose from these Tasting Journals:

• Coffee
• Tea
• Chocolate
• Cheese
• Wine
• Beer

Can I use these in Canva or Powerpoint?

I have included a 122 page done-for-you PDF. In general, a PDF can be opened in Canva and many parts of it will be editable. For Powerpoint, you can use a tool like Adobe Acrobat Pro, or Sejda (see this tutorial from Thrive Anywhere for a how-to)

I generally find a conversion with Acrobat Pro will get me 70-80% of the way there. Boxes and tables may convert as individual lines, and some words may be squished up.

Ideas for Use:

License Info:

Formats Included:

  • .afpub (Affinity Publisher)
  • PDF (122 pgs with blank front and last page)

Save time or the cost of hiring a designer for just $9 each or bundle and save

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Coffee Journal Only
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Get the caffeinated duo, the coffee and tea journals for $14

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Cheese Journal Only
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Chocolate Journal Only
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Get the foodie combo, chocolate and cheese journals, for $14

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Wine Journal Only
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Beer Journal Only
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Get the vices duo, wine and beer journals, for $14

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Or, get all 6 for $37

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