All the tools you need to research your niche, plan your books, and a starter kit to jump start the process.

Publishing is a fantastic side hustle because you can work on your books on your own time, and if you self-publish with Amazon they take care of fulfillment and customer service for you.

If you are daunted by the idea of writing a book, then a low content book business may be right for you.

Low content books have far less writing and include journals, planners, notebooks, coloring books, puzzle books, gift books (photos, inspirational quotes) and more.

But don’t stop at books, you can also re-purpose your books into printables and sell them on Etsy or your own website.

Grab this starter kit and get going on your side hustle.



Over 200 hand selected niches and topics for KDP low content books or printables. Combine these with 12 digital and print product variations for plenty of ideas. Then, niche down further with over 20 long tail modifiers for an endless supply of product ideas.


Use this planner to research and plan your books from inception to publication, as well as keep track of your books in progress.


This pack includes a selection of KDP interiors aimed at kids. Includes:

• Handwriting practice page
• Story page with illustration space for young kids
• Story page with illustration space for older kids
• Capital letters practice page
• Tic Tac Toe
• Dots and Boxes
• I spy for colors
• I spy for letters of the alphabet

Each is in 6×9 or 8×10″ size (with bleed)

Formats Included:

What if I don’t use Affinity Publisher?

Why not?! Seriously though, I include a PDF with one of each spread so that you can also edit in Canva, Acrobat Pro, or another PDF editor (note—you may need to make some adjustments, particularly to the lettering practice page as Canva has different fonts, and turn on bleed under File–>Show Print Bleed for spreads with lines that go to the edge).

Just upload the PDF to your preferred editor, delete the pages you don’t want, and duplicate the ones you do want. The PDF is unflattened so you can edit it.

Ideas for Use


The Niche Formula report and Low Content Book Planner are for your personal use only.

The KDP Kids Starter Kit may be used in commercial projects so long as your customer has personal use rights.

You may not give away or re-sell these with commercial rights and you may not giveaway or sell the source files (e.g. the .afpub file)


[YES] Use in print books

[YES] Use in digital products that are flattened. For example, you could create a PDF workbook for Goodnotes. Be sure to choose a flattened PDF so that the elements cannot be edited (the included PDF’s are not yet flattened so you can edit them in Canva, Adobe Acrobat Pro, or other PDF editors).