Low Content Book Publishing Planner

Plan and Track Your Book Projects

Do you start more books than you finish? Have multiple projects on the go? Then you need this planner to stay organized.

Includes worksheets to:

  • Research your next book
  • Plan your listing
  • Define your brand
  • Kindle uploading checklist
  • Book project tracker
  • Weekly planner
  • Extra space for notes

Whether you are new to publishing or have some experience, this planner will help you stay organized. 

Branding Worksheets

Define who your books will help and how you can set yourself apart. Then define messaging and visual branding elements for your imprint.

Book Research Worksheet

Identify potential categories and niche modifying keywords. Research the traits of existing books and determine how your book will improve on what is already out there.

Book Listing Worksheet

Brainstorm keywords and answer a few questions to help you craft a winning book description.

Book Project Tracker

Have multiple projects going at once? Use this to keep track of your projects so you always know what needs to be done next.

Weekly Planner

Identify your priorities for the week and map out what you will work on each day.

KDP Upload Cheatsheet

If you are new to publishing on KDP, this checklist will walk you through the steps.

All sheets are undated so you can print out as many copies of each worksheet as you need.

This 9 page planner can be also be filled in digitally.

License: Personal use only

sample images from low content book publishing planner on green background