Creating New Habits in 2020

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    Do your customers need more time, but can’t afford help? Help has arrived.

    Do you have overwhelmed bloggers on your list that are reluctant about using PLR?

    What about low content book creators that lack design skills but want unique interiors?

    Do you think I can create a package that appeals to both? (Hint: the answer is yes!)

    I have been blogging for 7 years and released my first low content book in 2017. I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by all. the. stuff. you have to do to make your business work. I also know what it’s like to want, no NEED help but not quite have the budget for it. I also know what it’s like to be skittish about using DFY content because I want to be UNIQUE.

    What if for a very low investment I could offer shortcuts to get content done faster, yet still allow the flexibility to easily make it unique? Would your audience spend a few dollars to save 50-80% of their time?

    Introducing Content Accelerators.

    I specialize in nearly done-for-you content allowing content creators to create unique content in less time for a fraction of what it would cost to outsource, even overseas. It’s like having a high quality research assistant do all the time consuming tasks so you can focus on creating the end product in your own unique way.

    Online business owners need two core elements: traffic that has the potential to become customers and ways to monetize that content, and that is exactly what this duo of offers delivers.

    I invite you to join me for my premiere launch on the topic of HABITS. Perfect for the new year when folks are keen to change their ways.

    Bloggers Package: Article outlines, lead magnet, slide decks, and social media image overlays with source file

    $17 with 50% commission

    Deluxe Package: $37 with 50% commissions.  Build a low content book funnel with this package. Everything in the Bloggers Package plus a big assortment of habit tracker graphics  in .jpg, transparent .png, and .svg formats to create printables or low content books with. Can be used in the design program of your choice, and the .svg files are editable.

    Both of these offers will be on the sales page so low content book creators don’t need to jump through hoops to get at the graphics package. There are no additional upsells.

    Contest: The contest has now ended.

    1st Place $50 (minimum 10 sales)

    2nd place $25 (minimum 5 sales)

    3rd place $10 (no minimum)

    Dates: February 17-20, 2020 11 AM EST

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    Get W+ LInk

    Here’s a Peek at What’s in the Bloggers Package

    Forty percent of people make some sort of resolution at the beginning of the year, but after six months, less than half will be successful. 

    The new year isn’t the only time people change their habits, motivation is strongest when we have finally reached the point where we have had enough of the way things are. This can happen at any time, so helping your audience make changes and stick to them is an evergreen topic.


    Habit building can be applied to many niches–fitness, weight loss, personal development, and virtually any hobby blog where new skills are learned.


    Your customers will saved tons of time writing using these 10 brand new comprehensive article outlines. 5 articles on general habit building and 5 on creating healthy habits. These outlines range from 480 to 1760 words each. Includes keyword suggestions to optimize the title and meta-description, related keywords, in-text citations to authorative sources, affiliate product suggestions, and internal linking suggestions.

    General Habits Articles:

    How to start a new habit and stick to it (Pillar Post) (1767 words)

    7 Mistakes People Make When Creating a New Habit (581 words)

    How to break a bad habit (760 words)

    Willpower: How to stay motivated when establishing new habits (670 words)

    How Keystone Habits Can Improve your Life (571 words)

    Healthy Habits Articles:

    Change Your Eating Habits for a Healthier You (881 words)

    16 Tips to Establish Good Fitness Habits (710 words)

    Establish these 12 good sleep habits and wake refreshed (486 words)

    Why you should start these 10 Healthy Habits this Year (582 words) (Includes more than 10 tips so you can select the best ones for your audience)

    18 Habit Trackers that Can Help you Get Healthier this Year (769 words)


    50 Healthy Habits to Change your Life (3414 words). List of 50 healthy habits with a few sentences about why each is important. This can be used to create additional list posts; used as ideas for niche journals; or just add an introduction, conclusion, and your branding to use it as a report for list building.


    2 Sets of Pinterest Images as .png overlays with source files in Powerpoint and Photoshop. 1 Set of Facebook images as .png overlays with source files. 10 Instagram quote posts related to habits (.jpg only). Overlays can be added to any photo in Canva, PicMonkey, Photoshop, PowerPoint, etc. to create social media images in a snap. Titles can be edited in the included .PSD and .PPT files.


    Each article has been turned into a PowerPoint slide deck text outlining the main points. Add your branding and images and use the outlines as your script to create videos easily. In fact, start with the video and then get it transcribed into a blog post. Quick and easy.

    Sample Outline:

    Here’s a Peek at What’s in the Deluxe Package

    The Deluxe Package includes everything in the Bloggers Package, plus a large graphics pack to create printables and low content books. Bloggers can use these to create printables to sell or give away. Low content book creators can create multiple interiors from them. They can use the content in the Bloggers package as niche research and/or for promotion (e.g. create blog posts and social media that funnels to their books). In the increasingly competitive space of low content books, creators need to build a brand and send their own traffic to their books. 

    Total of 65 images (including variations) of 19 designs.


    These graphics can be used in journals, planners or printables. Text and lines are easy when creating your own interiors, but creating graphics from scratch is time consuming. You can do nearly anything you want with these except sell or giveaway the graphics themselves.


    Additional Habit Trackers in 30 and 31 day formats. Includes the difficult to create spiral trackers. All graphics come with editable source files so you can change colors, fonts, backgrounds and more.


    Cute graphics with footsteps and water bottles.

    →GRAPHICS IN JPG, PNG (transparent background) and SVG files

    Use the graphics in the design program of their choice with these flexible options. Editable .svg files included.

    Get W+ LInk

    Long Email for Bloggers
    Short Email for Bloggers
    Long Email for Low Content Books
    Short Email for Low Content Books
    Long Email for Bloggers

    I talk to bloggers everyday who would love to add more content to their blog but don’t have the time.

    You know, in between creating social media images, emailing your list, guest blogging…there seems to be an endless list of things to do.

    And up until now your choices were:

    If none of those options seem quite right for you, let me tell you about something new I came across.

    It’s called nearly done for you content from Content Accelerators. 

    What you get is detailed content outlines so that you can put the information into your own words and create a unique article. Owner and writer Catherine has been a blogger since 2012 so she knows a thing or two about creating blog content. It’s like having a high-quality virtual assistant do all the time-consuming work of content creation for you, but without the high price tag.

    For each article, the keywords have been run through a couple keyword tools to find out what topics need to be covered (skyscraper) and what other questions people are asking. Then, it goes through an on-page SEO optimization tool to provide you with a list of words and short phrases to optimize your titles, meta-description and to use as related keywords in your article. These are meaty outlines with all the research done for you. The pillar post outline alone is over 1700 words!

    I took a look at this and loved that there are links to relevant, high quality sources right in the text, and each set of articles has suggestions for interlinking them where relevant.

    Just these outlines will save you a ton of time, but there are also social media image overlays that you can put over any photo and have an instant social media image. If you want to change the text, the Powerpoint and Photoshop source files are included.

    Are you as excited as I am about this?

    Catherine is launching her first bundle this week and it’s a pretty flexible topic—creating habits. Whether you blog about fitness, nutrition, crafts and hobbies, or personal development this subject can be adapted to your niche.

    There are two options, a bloggers package with 10 article outlines, a 3000+ word report on healthy habits, slide decks for each article, and social media images. It’s a steal on launch pricing for just $9.95.

    The second option is pretty cool too, it’s a deluxe package that includes all sorts of graphics to create habit trackers. If you make printables for your blog this could be a real timesaver. Some of these habit trackers are really time consuming to make. It’s only $27 and comes with commercial rights AND everything in the blogging package.

    Anyways, if you want to check it out here is the link {AFF LINK}

    Short Email for Bloggers

    They say in online business you can either spend your time or your money. But what if you are short on both?

    If you need help in your blogging business, take a look at this new product that helps you create content 50-80% faster. It includes fully researched blog posts (in the form of outlines), social media graphic overlays, slide decks, and a report for only $9.95. If you hired a VA to do this (a good VA) you could easily spend a $200 or more. This is nearly done for you content. All the hard stuff is done, you just need to put the finishing touches on it to make it your own.

    The topic this month is all about creating habits. You could adapt this to almost any niche, but would be especially perfect for any blog that talks about healthy living.

    I also love that there is a deluxe package that gives you the graphics to create an endless number of habit trackers. If you create printables for lead magnets or to sell, this could be a real time saver.

    You can check out both offers on this page [AFF LINK] and choose the one that is the best fit for you. Best of all? No upsells!

    Long Email for Low Content Books

    In the past I have shared some pretty cool resources with you for creating your low content books in a jiffy. I just came across this new package and it has some pretty cool features I haven’t seen before.

    It’s a deluxe package of content and graphics to create books (or printables—she let’s you use these in digital creations as well) that falls somewhere between designing it from scratch and using a template. This gal has been making low content books herself for a couple years and she wanted to offer a way to save book publishers time and money but still offer a lot of room for flexibility and creativity in your layouts.

    The topic of this package is all about creating habits, especially healthy habits.

    The pack includes a wide variety of habit trackers in different styles and sizes. There are .jpg, transparent .png and .svg files. You can edit the .svg files in any vector program.  If you have been using Canva or Powerpoint the .jpg or .png can be used to create unique interiors without having to design them all yourself (saving you a ton of time).

    What really makes this unique is she understand how important building a professional book brand is in 2020. With everybody and their mother getting into the low content game, you need a way to set yourself apart.  This package includes a set of nearly done for you blog posts (outlines), social media graphics, slide decks (to make videos with), and a giant list of 50 healthy habits.

    Here’s a few ideas I had for using this:

    If you have been looking for commercial rights graphics with a flexible license*  this one is worth checking out. [AFF LINK}

    *the only rule is that you can’t give away or sell them in a way that others could use them as graphics in their own projects

    Short Email for Low Content Books

    Do use purchased graphics in your low content books? Doesn’t it drive you crazy keeping the different licenses straight? For example, with some of them you can only create printed products but not digital products. That leaves out a whole revenue stream where you could re-purpose your book pages as printables.

    I came across this package on creating habits recently and it has a nice flexible license because it was created by someone like you—a low content book publisher. You can use it in any way, print or digital, as long as your customers can’t extract the graphics from your product.

    Basically, it’s a collection of done for you habit trackers in several styles that you can insert into your projects in either .jpg or transparent .png. You also get them in .svg format if you want to edit them. Some of these would take an hour or more to make on their own in Illustrator (like the spiral one with numbers—gives me a headache thinking about it) and you get a bunch of them for only $27. How much is your time worth?

    And, if you are spending time building out your brand (which you should be) you’ll find a lot of extras to help you with blog posts, social media, list building and more. You could create a whole funnel to your books with the content included with this.

    You can check out the full offer on this page—you want the deluxe offer which includes all the graphics with full commercial license {AFF LINK}


    How does this benefit bloggers

    Bloggers can use this content to fill up their content calendar. All the core components are there and just need a few finishing touches to make it their own. Bloggers can use the upgrade to create printables to sell or giveaway on their sites.

    How does this benefit low content book creators?

    Low content book creators can use the content as research for their books, branding, and awareness. Articles or parts of articles can be used on a blog, in video, or on social media to attract customers and then lead them to their books. As the market becomes flooded with low content books, you need a way to attract your own customers.

    How did the idea come about?

    Simple, as a blogger and book publisher, I thought about what would be useful to me in my business. A lot of people re-write PLR, so why not give them the foundations of their content and social media but leave just enough room for customization that everyone can create something unique out of this package. It’s like having a VA do all the research for you without the expense.

    Contact me with any other questions

    You can contact me at info [AT] with any other questions.