More Digital Sticker Templates For Affinity Designer

Speed up Your digital sticker creation

Want an easier way to create digital sticker sets?

What if it was as easy as click and fill? Well it can be with these all new sticker templates for Affinity Designer.

How valuable is your time?  With over 75 sticker templates here, it would take the average person 5-8 hours  to create these in Designer. For just $15 you can skip the boring template set up and get straight to the creative, fun part–decorating these and creating sticker sets.

Take a look at the preview below and you will agree, these templates are more advanced than my first set of sticker templates or what I taught in my free digital stickers course, meaning the time saved is even more valuable.

Why use Affinity Designer?

  • Vector images can be scaled without pixelation
  • Easily fill with colors, gradients, and digital patterns (from an image)
  • Slice and crop your sticker sheets and export all of your png’s at once (I’ve already sliced these in Export persona)

Over 75 new stickers on 5 artboards

(and the 12 calendars only count as 1 of the 77!)

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What you Get

This template set includes a total of 5 sticker sheets (five artboards) in a single .afdesign file.

You can also easily copy and paste any of these stickers into a new document to create your own unique layout.

Pair these with Digital Sticker Templates Vol 1 for even more options. Mix and match from these two sets to create sticker sheets that are unique to you.

Important Note: If you are new to these types of templates or to Affinity Designer, Vol. 1 sticker templates are more beginner friendly. Vol. 2 includes a few more complex stickers with effects and shadowed areas, and you should be comfortable working within layers to use these (don’t worry–I label my layers so everything is easy to find).

How much is your time worth? For just $15, stop wasting time with sticker setup and start getting creative.

Are there any upsells? Just one. After purchase you will have the opportunity to pick up Digital Cover Templates for its original launch price of $27.

License: You may use these for any sticker sheets for personal or commercial use as long as your customer receives a flattened product (e.g. a set of .png’s or a Goodnotes file). You may not sell or give away this template, or editable files made with it (e.g. you can not make another editable template layout from these and re-sell it).

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Not sure about using Designer? Take my Free Course

In this 6 part mini course I show you how to create a document, set up template shapes, fill with colors, gradients, and images, and slice your stickers for easy export. If you aren’t sure that Affinity Designer is the right tool for your stickers, in less than 45 minutes this course will introduce you to how easy it is to use.

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Tutorial Videos Related to this Product:

Video 1: This tutorial is specific to this Volume 2 set of stickers and highlights some of the stickers that have shadows, brushes, effects, and strokes and how to work with them.

Video 2: The tutorial for Volume 1 that shows how to fill with colors, gradients and patterns.

Video 3: Slicing and exporting stickers with Export persona.

Video 4: An even easier way to bulk slice stickers.

Video 5: Pattern fill with Designer (also covered in Video 2)