April 2022

New in the Shop: Botanical Coloring Frames and Pattern Tiles

Available: Now

Price: Frames are free (set of 10); optional upsell on the same page for the seamless tiles used to create the frames $10

Coupon: Save 30% on this through the end of April 2022 with SPRING30

Affiliate Link:    https://contentaccelerators.com/amember/aff/go/XXXX?i=54

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Sales Page: https://contentaccelerators.com/botanical-coloring-frames/

Swipe copy from the sales page:

Get this free set of 10 letter sized botanical frames in transparent PNG. These are perfect to use as a border around printables or journal pages. 

Use whatever graphics software you prefer–these are PNG’s so you can use them in Powerpoint, Canva, Adobe, Affinity or anything else you like to use. No coupon is required.

This is absolutely free, but if you want to make more coloring images like this, scroll down a bit and see the offer for all 10 images as seamless coloring tiles. These are hand drawn in a playful botanical and zen botanical style. These are different from the usual PLR coloring images and worth taking a look. Use coupon SPRING30 to save 30% through the end of April. 


On Sale: Gift Tag Templates & Bookmark Templates; Low Content Course

Available: Now

Price: varies

Coupon: Save 30% on these items through the end of April 2022 with SPRING30

Affiliate Link:   Gift Tags:  https://contentaccelerators.com/amember/aff/go/XXXX?i=23

Bookmarks: https://contentaccelerators.com/amember/aff/go/XXXX?i=48

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Sales Page: https://contentaccelerators.com/reading-journal-bundle/ (bookmarks are available separately near the bottom)

https://contentaccelerators.com/gift-tag-templates-course/   (coupon is good for the templates only, the course has moved to another site)

Swipe copy:

This month Catherine released a set of 10 hand drawn botanical seamless coloring tiles. One fun idea for using those tiles is to make colorable gift tags or bookmarks. Both of these products are prior releases but if you missed the launch pricing, here’s your chance to get them at 30% off for the rest of April. These are for Affinity Designer and are super easy to use, just click the image, click the Fill tool, and choose Bitmap. You can scale and re-position, add a border, whatever you want to do with them. 

Also on sale for the rest of April:

Get Catherine’s most popular course on creating low content books with Affinity Publisher. In this course she take you from beginner status to making your first journal and first planner with Publisher. She’ll also show you some tips for creating other low content books. She uses a puzzle book as an example but the same principles apply to coloring books. If you missed out on the launch pricing, here is your second chance to own this course. Use SPRING30 through the end of April to save 30%.

Sales Pagehttps://printablesacademy.com/using-affinity-publisher-low-content-books/

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March 2022

New in the Shop: Kids KDP Sampler Collection

Available: Now

Price: $15

Coupon: Save 30% on this through the end of March 2022 with MARCH30

Affiliate Link:    https://contentaccelerators.com/amember/aff/go/XXXX?i=46

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Sales Page: https://contentaccelerators.com/kid-kdp-starter-collection/

Swipe copy from the sales page:

Writing children’s books can be incredibly rewarding, but illustrating and selling your books online is its own beast. If you want to publish children’s books without writing a single word this Kids KDP Sampler can help you assemble multiple books in an afternoon.

In fact, with three different types of story paper, encourage them to write their own stories. And illustrate them too.

Also included are 4 pages of travel games and lettering practice.

Create different notebooks from each layout or mix and match to create an activity book for youngsters. You could even mix in a few coloring pages from other PLR you have.

 These pages are aimed at the K-Gr.4 crowd.

What you get:

• Two .afpub files, one in 8×10 and one in 6×9 (with bleed)
• PDF of each size with one of each layout so you can also edit in Canva, Acrobat Pro, or another PDF editor (note—you may need to make some adjustments as Canva has different fonts, and turn on bleed under File–>Show Print Bleed)
• Commercial Rights—edit and publish as your own

Pages Included:

• Handwriting practice page
• Story page with illustration space for young kids
• Story page with illustration space for older kids
• Capital letters practice page
• Tic Tac Toe
• Dots and Boxes
• I spy for colors
• I spy for letters of the alphabet

Ideas for Use

  • Create printable sets for your blog or shop
  • Use them for your own children
  • Create books for KDP and other self-publishing platforms
  • Create a lead magnet for your blog
  • Create digital kids journals and practice pages
  • Pair it with Kindergarten Sight Word Printables to create unique books and printables for kids

On Sale in March:

Kids Kindergarten Sight Word Printables

This was originally released in 2021 and was well received. For the month of March, it is on sale for 30% off. 

Coupon: MARCH 30

Affiliate link: https://contentaccelerators.com/amember/aff/go/XXXX?i=30

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Sales Page: https://contentaccelerators.com/affinity-sight-words-printables/

Swipe copy from the sales page:

These fully editable Affinity Publisher templates will help you create printables for parents and teachers easily by providing them with 100 kindergarten level sight words, and printable activities to help them learn them.

All you have to do is edit these templates with the included 100 word list, and you will have a set of your own set of printables ready to sell.


Since these template are undecorated and are not completely done for you, you don’t need to worry that anyone else is going to have exactly the same printable as you. You choose the words, you add your creative flair.

Alter it to suit you design style and add your own or licensed artwork, and export a final result that will be a unique product that is perfect for your blog or shop.

To get you started, the source file is already pre-loaded with assorted sight words.

Not so creative? Included is a set of original clipart with the Affinity Designer source file. Change up the colors, the fonts, or even tweak the design a bit.


  • List of 100 kindergarten level sight words researched for you, in .csv
  • Affinity Publisher source file with 8 activity templates and 2 DFY word list (all 100 words) printables that you can decorate and customize
  • 8 related cliparts (+ a banner) to get you started, with the source Affinity Designer file so you can make edits
  • 2 sets of word search puzzles in 300 dpi PNG to create easy word search printables. Each set has 7 puzzles that use all 100 words at least once with solutions (PNG) and word lists. An included Affinity Publisher puzzle source file already has all 14 laid out for you.
  • List of related Google keywords to help you list and sell your printables
  • Report of Etsy keywords with search volumes
  • Report of similar printables on Etsy with tags and pricing
samples of sight word printables affinity template