Digital Stickers Templates Vol. 2

Launch Period: August 9, 2021-August 15, 2021
Price: $15
Coupon code valid during launch:   STICKERS2 (saves 30%)

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OTO: There is one low-key offer after the sale to pick up Digital Cover Templates for it’s original launch price of $27. This offer should only show if customers don’t already own it. I have left the original launch promo for this product on this page below.

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Digital planners and stickers are fun products to make and sell, but it can take some time to create them. Catherine at Content Accelerators just released another shortcut to pump out stickers in less time with an all new set of Digital Sticker templates for Affinity Designer. 

This is volume 2 and adds 77 new stickers to her original planner stickers set released last year. Some of these stickers could even be re-purposed as clip art, or mix and match them with stickers from volume 1 to create your own unique sticker sheets.

Just open the file in Designer, fill with colors, patterns, or a gradient. Switch to export persona and export your pre-sliced stickers to PNG’s. She has several helpful tutorial videos on her sales page and all the artboards and stickers are well labeled.

If you are new to Designer, you may want to start with her original sticker templates [INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK FOR THESE HERE] first as these newest stickers include some effects, more layers, and some pieces  designed to be shadows. Watch the tutorial to see if this is a good fit for your skill level.

What’s great about these templates is you can create unique products in less time and no one will know you started with PLR!

Save 30% through August 15 with coupons STICKERS2

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Just a little while more to save 30% on these Digital Sticker Templates for Affinity Designer. If you are looking for a turnkey online business consider that there are whole Etsy shops devoted to digital stickers and covers.  And here’s a secret, if you pick up this sticker set there is one upsell where you’ll have a chance to pick up Catherine’s Digital Cover Templates at their original launch price. Add the first set of digital stickers too, and you could literally have the templates to create a whole Etsy shop for under $50.

What I would do is mix and match stickers from the two sets to create my own sticker sheets (just copy and paste to a new Affinity document). Then I would collect pattern images that I want to fill them with and create color palettes from them. Then fill them with a mix of patterns and coordinating colors and export. Create matching digital covers from the same patterns and then bundle them up to sell as matching cover and sticker sets. You could literally create hundreds of variations.

Save 30% through August 15 with coupons STICKERS2

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Digital Cover Creator: Launch Pricing September 4-10, 2020

Click and fill templates for Affinity Designer in 6 styles. Includes coils, rings and full tutorial on how to use and edit.

Regular Price: $37

Launch Price: $27 no coupon required.

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Digital planners are hot, and with more and more people using them the market for journals, planners and other types of books that can be used in apps like GoodNotes or Notability it growing.

Digital planners are awesome because you get to keep more of the profit when compared to printed planners. But, they are tedious to make.

First you need to make the covers, backgrounds, and dividers and save them as images. Then you need to design your planner pages. And then comes the linking. If you want to add stickers, that’s another task.

Catherine at Content Accelerators has just released a digital cover template for Affinity Designer that will shortcut that first step–creating the covers.

The templates include 6 different styles of journal and planner covers plus coils and rings. The best thing is everything is completely editable and vector based. Just click and fill with a color, pattern, or texture and you are ready to export your cover images.

Pair it with her click and fill Digital Sticker Templates that she released a few weeks ago and you have just shaved a bunch of time from your workflow.

Even if you are new to Affinity Designer, this product is pretty easy to use and the the tutorials show you all the things you can change and edit.

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Just a few more days before the special pricing on the Digital Cover Templates for Affinity Designer expires (midnight September 10 PDT).

Speed up your digital planner workflow with these covers in 6 different styles. It’s so easy to fill with a pattern or texture that you can have a set of covers in just a couple minutes.

Or, create done-for-you covers to sell on their own. With the generous license you can even sell covers made with these for commercial use. The only thing you can’t do it sell editable files–the final product needs to be flattened like a .jpg or .png.

Pair it with co-ordinating digital stickers (using her Digital Stickers Template) and you could sell a package deal of covers and stickers.

It would be easy to make back your investment.

The cover template is only $27 for a few more days and then it will be $37. No coupon required.

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A quick reminder for you that today is the last day for the discounted pricing on Catherine’s Digital Cover Templates. Friday morning the price rises to $37.

These templates are for Affinity Designer and there are 6 different styles included plus coils and rings. Get it while it’s still only $27.


pin with examples of the digital cover templates for affinity designer