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Create New Habits - Blog Content Builder

Get fresh content for your blog with this mini-pack of 5 article outlines along with social media overlays and slide decks. 

This pack includes a pillar post outline of over 1700 words, 9 supporting articles, and a 3400 word report on Healthy Habits.

  • These articles are nearly done-for-you, just take these detailed outlines and write your article.
  • Use the social media overlays over the image of your choice for fast and easy social media content.
  • Syndicate your articles into videos with the included slide decks for each article. The slides are already animated and just waiting for your design touches and narration.

Cut the time it takes to create content with this package today.

Sample of an outline
Sample of Pin Overlays. Add to any image. Edit in PPT or PSD.

You could spend several hours researching and writing these articles from scratch, but why not let me do the research for you, including finding information for SEO optimization? 

You didn’t start your blog to work long hours so give yourself a break. These outlines will cut the time it takes to create an article by up to 80%. They are detailed enough that you can just read each point and sub-points and write a paragraph from it.

10 Instagram quote posts about habits (JPG only)

Article Titles:

How to start a new habit and stick to it (Pillar Post) (1767 words)

7 Mistakes People Make When Creating a New Habit (581 words)

How to break a bad habit (760 words)

Willpower: How to stay motivated when establishing new habits (670 words)

How Keystone Habits Can Improve your Life (571 words)

Change Your Eating Habits for a Healthier You (881 words)

16 Tips to Establish Good Fitness Habits (710 words)

Establish these 12 good sleep habits and wake refreshed (486 words)

Why you should start these 10 Healthy Habits this Year (582 words)

18 Habit Trackers that Can Help you Get Healthier this Year (769 words)

The report “51 Habits for Healthy Living” can be used in many ways:

  • Add an introduction and conclusion and use as a lead magnet
  • Flesh out each habit and create a book from it
  • Use each habit for a social media tip
  • Create an email around each tip and have content for nearly a year
  • Create printables to track specific habits mentioned (food, fitness, etc.)

Get over 11,000 words of outlined content, and shortcuts to your social images and videos for just $17. How much is your time worth?

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