Do you need more time, but can't afford help? Help has arrived.

Are you an overwhelmed blogger that has been a little reluctant about using PLR?

Do you create low content books or printables and want a shortcut to creating unique interiors? Maybe you lack the graphic skills, or it just takes so darn long to make them from scratch.

Help is here.

I have been blogging for 7 years and released my first low content book in 2017. I know what it is like to be overwhelmed by all. the. stuff. you have to do to make your business work.

You want, no NEED help but don’t quite have the budget for it.

You may have thought about done-for-you content but worried about it not being UNIQUE.

You may have thought about using templates for your book interiors or printables but don’t want to have the same book as somebody else.

What if for a very low investment I could offer shortcuts to get content done faster, yet still allow the flexibility to easily make it unique? Would it be worth a small investment to save 50-80% of the time it takes to create content for your business? 

Introducing Content Accelerators.

I specialize in nearly done-for-you content allowing content creators to get more done in less time for a fraction of what it would cost to outsource, even overseas. It’s like having a high quality assistant do all the time consuming tasks so you can focus on creating the end product in your own unique way.

Online business owners need two core elements: traffic that has the potential to become customers and ways to monetize that content, and that is exactly what this duo of offers delivers.

Introducing "Create New Habits in 2020" Option 1: Bloggers Package

Highly Flexible Topic

Habit building can be applied to many niches--fitness, weight loss, personal development, and virtually any hobby blog where new skills are practiced.

10 Comprehensive Article Outlines

Save a ton of time writing using these 10 brand new comprehensive article outlines. 5 articles on general habit building and 5 on creating healthy habits. These outlines range from 480 to 1760 words each. Includes keyword suggestions to optimize the title and meta-description, related keywords, in-text citations to authorative sources, affiliate product suggestions, and internal linking suggestions. Includes a pillar post, how-to posts, and list posts.

Giveaway Report

50 Healthy Habits to Change your Life (3414 words). List of 50 healthy habits with a few sentences about why each is important. Use this to create additional list posts; use as ideas for niche journals; or just add an introduction, conclusion, and your branding to use it as a report for list building.

Social Media Overlays with source files

2 Sets of Pinterest Images as .png overlays with source files in Powerpoint and Photoshop. 1 set of Facebook images as .png overlays with Powerpoint and Photoshop source files. 10 Instagram quote posts related to habits (.jpg only). Overlays can be added to any photo in Canva, PicMonkey, Photoshop, Powerpoint and more for instant social media images. Titles can be edited in the included .PSD and .PPT files.

Powerpoint Slides for Each aRTICLE

Each article has been turned into a PowerPoint slide deck outlining the main points. Add your branding and images to make it unique and use the outlines as a script for your videos. TIP: Use the slide deck and outlines to make the video first, then transcribe the video to create your blog post already in your own words.

Sample Article Outline

General Habits Article Outlines: (word counts are for the body of the outline only, not the keyword suggestions)

How to start a new habit and stick to it (Pillar Post) (1767 words)

7 Mistakes People Make When Creating a New Habit (581 words)

How to break a bad habit (760 words)

Willpower: How to stay motivated when establishing new habits (670 words)

How Keystone Habits Can Improve your Life (571 words)

Healthy Habits Article Outlines:

Change Your Eating Habits for a Healthier You (881 words)

16 Tips to Establish Good Fitness Habits (710 words)

Establish these 12 good sleep habits and wake refreshed (486 words)

Why you should start these 10 Healthy Habits this Year (582 words) (Includes more than 10 tips so you can select the best ones for your audience)

18 Habit Trackers that Can Help you Get Healthier this Year (769 words)

Sample of the Images

Sample of Pin Overlays. Add to any image. Edit in PPT or PSD.
Sample of second style of pin overlays.
Example with images added. These photos are from Pixabay so you can use these included pins as is.
10 .jpg Instagram quotes (not editable) included in both packages

Bloggers Package: Articles, Social, Slides

Deluxe Package: Get Everything

Want More?

Option 2: Deluxe Package
Create Printables & Low Content Interiors Easily in Endless Combinations with the Deluxe Package

Monetize this content with printables and low content books. This graphics pack will shortcut the process. With a big selection of habit trackers you can create endless layouts with these. 

Includes 19 different tracker styles, and a total of 65 images including all variations. 

Perfect for inserting into planner layouts.

7 Day Habit Tracker Graphics

These graphics can be used in journal, planners or printables. Text and lines are easy enough when creating your own interiors, but creating graphics like these from scratch is time consuming.

30 & 31 Day Habit Tracker Graphics

Additional Habit Trackers in 30 and 31 day formats. Includes the difficult to create spiral trackers--the time it would take to create this one graphic alone pays for this whole package.

Step trackers & Water Trackers

Cute graphics with footsteps, water drops and water bottles plus simple charts for logging steps.

GRAPHICS IN JPG, PNG with transparent background, and SVG

You can use the graphics in the design program of your choice. SVG files can be edited in any vector graphics programs. Transparent graphics can be placed over other design elements like images and watercolor splotches.

Simple Commerical license

You can do nearly anything you want with these except sell or giveaway the graphics themselves. Full license details below.

Sample of the Graphics

Bloggers Package: Articles, Social, Slides

Deluxe Package: Get Everything


  1. Do not put my name on it.
  2. Graphics cannot be sold or given away as-is. Your end user should not be able to extract them from the final product.
  3. You may use graphics in print or digital products with no limit on quantity.
  4. You may not use the content to create PLR, RR, or MRR products.

Bloggers can use this content to fill up their content calendar. All the core components are there and just need a few finishing touches to make it their own. Bloggers can use the upgrade to create printables to sell or giveaway on their sites.

Low content book creators can use the content as research for their books, branding, and awareness. Articles or parts of articles can be used on a blog, in video, or on social media to attract customers and then lead them to their books. As the market becomes flooded with low content books, you need a way to attract your own customers.

The .jpg and .png graphics can be used in Powerpoint, Canva or any other program that supports these file types. The .svg graphics can be edited and used in any program that supports this vector file type. Personally, I use vector graphics whenever possible in my books since you can scale them larger without it affecting resolution.

No. This package is about saving you time when creating your own layouts. Why use the same template as someone else? With a simple commercial license, these allow you to insert them into journals, planners and printables. You save you a ton of time, yet have a product that is all yours. If you sell printables on Etsy you know you need to be the designer. This allows you to still create the design while incorporating some graphic shortcuts.