Affinity Designer Basics

If you are brand new to Affinity Designer, this mini-course will get you started with basic features such as:

  • drawing and editing shapes
  • working with colors
  • adjusting strokes
  • creating lines
  • creating and editing text
  • placing and cropping images

Learn Affinity Designer Basics and then check out my other Affinity workshops to put your new skills into profitable action.

Module 1 Create a New Document & Workspace Tour
Unit 1 Create a New Document
Unit 2 Tour of the Workspace
Module 2 Working with Shapes
Unit 1 Creating Basic Shapes
Unit 2 Working with Corner Options
Unit 3 Editing Shapes
Unit 4 The Move Tool
Module 3 Working with Colors
Unit 1 The Color Window
Unit 2 The Swatches Window
Unit 3 The Color Picker Tool
Module 4 Strokes and Lines
Unit 1 Stroke Basics
Unit 2 Strokes: Brushes
Unit 3 Creating Lines
Module 5 Creating Text
Unit 1 Creating Text Boxes
Unit 2 Artistic Text Tool
Unit 3 Text & Colors
Module 6 Place an Image
Unit 1 Place an Image
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