Stock your shop: Where to find reseller PLR

Have you thought about starting your own PLR shop but feel like you need to have a fully stocked shop before you can start? I’ve been there and the first thing I have to say is, everyone starts with one product. With a little persistence you will have a shop full of products before you […]

Setting & Editing Bleed in Affinity Publisher

When you have a document or book professionally printed, it is important to set up bleed if any element anywhere in your file extends to the end of the page. If you aren’t sure what bleed is, scroll to the bottom and watch that video first. In this tutorial I am going to show you […]

How to Access Brushes in Affinity Publisher

A lot of the tools in Affinity Publisher are available in Designer or Photo, but not every tool is available in each of the three softwares. If you have tried to find the brushes in Publisher to no avail, it’s because they are not there. There is a simple workaround though, in fact it is […]

11 Ways to Find Low Content Book Ideas

teal background with ripped paper and text that says 11 ways to generate ideas for low content books without copying the bestsellers

For as long as I can remember, online gurus have been advising people to find what is popular and copy that. When I first started blogging it was to find keywords with high search volume and low competition; with Amazon FBA, find the bestsellers and source your own version; with Kindle, find the bestsellers and […]

Create a Prompt Journal with Data Merge

text prompt journal with data merge for affinity publisher with screenshot from video

Affinity Publisher added Data Merge to the list of included features earlier in 2021. This is great news for journal and planner creators because it makes layouts with different elements on a page so easy to create. I mean things like prompt journals and dated planners. Now, dated planners takes a little more thought so […]

Can You Use PLR on Etsy?

Teal background with torn paper, text says Can You Use PLR Printables on Etsy in handwritten font

Do you sell on Etsy?  There has been a lot of chatter about selling on Etsy in the past few years, first from print-on-demand (merch) folks and now to re-purpose your KDP books into printables. One common thing I see from supposed “gurus” shows a lack of understanding about Etsy and their marketplace rules. I […]

How to Fake Being an Artist

teal background with torn paper and text How to Fake Being an Artist in handwritten font

Okay, maybe not fake it, but can you develop your creative side even if you can’t draw or paint a stick figure? Some people seem like they have natural talent while others would love to be more creative but don’t think they can. In this article, I am going to explore ways that non-artistic people […]

Tending your Online Business Garden

image of blackberry bush and text gardening your business

We can easily get overwhelmed by all the things that we think we need to do. Yet, there are lots of things in life that are out of our control. Sometimes, all we can do is focus on the things we CAN control, like our business. Business lessons learned from my garden One of things […]

Edit Powerpoint Templates in Affinity Publisher

photo of computer and mouse with text edit any template in affinity publisher video tutorial There are so many great commercial use templates available by wonderful content providers. But what if you are wanting to make the switch to Affinity Publisher? Then what? Fortunately it is very easy to move almost any template into Publisher and edit it. Watch the video to see how, or read on.  The first […]

Build Your Low Content Book Empire Mini-Course – Pt II Design Options

Free Mini Course on Building A low content book business This mini-course is designed to help you build a publishing business based on easy to create book types.  I will give you an overview of the four main steps: Finding ideas for books and types of books Design options for creating your books How and […]