Cash Envelopes Templates – Affinity Publisher

Cash Envelopes Templates – Affinity Publisher

Speed up your digital product creation with these 5 click and fill templates

Want a new digital product to diversify your shop without the hassle of figuring out the dimensions and folding lines yourself? These templates are ready to go–just decorate with a pattern or color, change the fonts, and make any other customizations you want. That’s it, you are ready to export your product in a few minutes.

How valuable is your time?  There are 5 different designs to choose from in this file and one has an alternate flap design, so five and a half! (It’s the one decorated with cupcakes in the demo image)

These templates are set up in an Affinity Publisher file. Just click and fill. Duplicate pages to make a set, export, and sell.

Why use Affinity Publisher?

  • Fill tool makes it super easy to fill with any image, texture, pattern, color or gradient
  • Publisher has a table tool, so users of these envelopes can track their spending on the envelope
  • Easy to export a multi-page PDF as your final product, or JPG, or whatever format you want (as long as your customer can’t edit it)

Shortcut your product creation for just $17

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5 designs (with one extra variation) in an editable file ready for your touch.

This template set includes a total of 6 templates arranged on pages in a single .afpub file.

Sized to easily fit a US dollar bill. (Main body is 6 x 3.5 inches). For other currencies, scale the entire image up or down as needed. Need help with this? Just let me know and I will assist you.

Ideas for use:

  • Pick one design, make your edits, then duplicate the pages to create a set of envelopes
  • Offer blank envelopes for your customer to write in the spending categories, or hide the label area and pre-fill the spending categories in your set (e.g. label them as for groceries, dining out, gas, entertainment, clothing, etc.)
  • Mix and match the labels by copying and pasting them to other pages.
  • Offer with a set of budgeting worksheets
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[YES] You may use these templates to create products that you sell or give away. Your final product should be flattened (e.g. a .jpg, .png, or flattened .pdf)

[NO] You may not sell or giveaway editable products. That is, your customer should not be able to change the product to their own designs or colors.
[NO] You may not sell or giveaway the source files

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