Build beautiful, customized printables to help parents teach their children sight words.

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Sight words are the most common words that are used in everyday language and they are the words that children need to learn and become comfortable with.

The challenge is how to help children learn these words without spending a lot of time creating printables from scratch.

Many Kindergarten parents and teachers are finding that creating printables takes time, so they look to the internet to find what they need to teach their students.

According to KWFinder, there are over 65,000 monthly searches across 39 different keywords related to sight word printables and activities. Better yet, most of these were rated as moderately easy to rank keywords.

A Craft Inspector search found over 70,000 related searches on Etsy.

Capture a piece of this market with the Kindergarten Sight Words Activity Pack. This is a set of printable activity pages designed to help children learn to read & write sight words and is the perfect way to make sight words printables for your blog or shop.

Watch the video to see what you get:

These fully editable Affinity Publisher templates will help you create printables for parents and teachers easily by providing them with 100 kindergarten level sight words, and printable activities to help them learn them.

All you have to do is edit these templates with the included 100 word list, and you will have a set of your own set of printables ready to sell.

Since these template are undecorated and are not completely done for you, you don’t need to worry that anyone else is going to have exactly the same printable as you. You choose the words, you add your creative flair.

Alter it to suit you design style and add your own or licensed artwork, and export a final result that will be a unique product that is perfect for your blog or shop.

To get you started, the source file is already pre-loaded with assorted sight words.

Not so creative? Included is a set of original clipart with the Affinity Designer source file. Change up the colors, the fonts, or even tweak the design a bit.


Samples-Watch the video above to see them all
Sample–Watch the video above to see them all

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How many unique printables will you create for just $27?

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How to Edit these in Affinity Publisher

License Information:
You may use these to create anything you want—digital or physical—as long as your customer only has personal use rights to the products. You may not pass on commercial rights.

You may not sell or giveaway the source files (the .afpub and .afdesign files)