Use these classic paper and pencil games for kids and adults to grow your business.

Most people have their favorite games they remember from childhood. Paper and pencil games remain popular because they can be played almost anywhere.

Now, with this set of editable printable games, you can help your audience re-discover their favorite games and share them with their kids.

Printable games are perfect for blogs and businesses that focus on family and parenting. These boredom busters can be printed out by your readers over and over.

This collection includes over 20 of the best paper and pencil games for kids and adults. They’re easy to learn, fun to play, and they’ll keep you entertained for hours on end. You can even print them out yourself!

These games are so beloved by kids because they’re simple but still challenging enough that they won’t get bored of them right away. Adults will enjoy these games because it’s a great way to spend time with their children or just have some quality alone time in front of a good puzzle.

Printable activities for kids are perfect to grow your blog traffic as they are popular on Pinterest, yet there are still easy to rank for keywords available on Google.

Watch the video to see what you get:

Alter it to suit your design style and add your own or artwork you have a license for, and export a final result that will be a unique product that is perfect for your blog or shop.


Games Include:

Samples-Watch the video above to see them all
Sample–Watch the video above to see them all

Ideas for Use

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License Information:
You may use these to create anything you want—digital or physical—as long as your customer only has personal use rights to the products. You may not pass on commercial rights.

You may not sell or giveaway the source files (the .afpub and .afdesign files)