Build Meal Planner Interiors with Affinity Publisher using these Templates

Create multiple meal planner interiors in about a minute each with these templates. 


  • 6 Different Meal Planner Layouts built on master pages
  • Affinity Publisher (.afpub) source files so you can make edits and create planners of any length
  • 3 popular sizes: 6×9″, 7×10″, and 8.5×11″
  • 1 coordinating pattern to layout #6 in two sizes
  • 6 kitchen themed graphics DFY with the included pattern
  • 6 kitchen themed silhouettes so you can create clipping masks with any pattern of your choice

Samples (see the video above for Full Walkthrough)

Ideas for Use:

  • Create meal planner printables to sell or to use as a lead magnet
  • Add meal plans or recipes based on a theme (gluten free, diabetic friendly, comfort food, kid friendly, etc.) to your meal planner pages and create a KDP manuscript
  • Publish to KDP as a blank meal planner. You can create 6 different interiors from this template. Change out the colors, fonts, etc. to make them your own.
  • Decorate the pages with your own graphics to customize these further, or use the included silhouettes to create your own coordinating graphics.


  • You may use these files to create physical or digital products to sell or giveaway where your customer is the end user.
  • You may not use any of these files to create products that you will sell or giveaway with commercial rights of any kind.
  • You may not sell or giveaway any of the source files for any reason.