Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in my affiliate program.

I pay 50% on all sales made through your referrals. Purchases that you make through your own referral link do not apply.

Payments: I pay commissions weekly (Mondays) by Paypal.

Cookies: I use aMember for my affiliate program. If you are familiar with this, I use the hybrid option. The first referral is assigned to the customer for life. Cookies are set for 60 days and are last click. This means if another affiliate refers the customer after you, they will get the commission if there is a valid cookie. Otherwise the commission reverts to you.

Taxes: You are responsible for all taxes in your jurisdiction.

Sign Up: You can sign up here for the program.

I also have courses on Teachable available for promotion. Commissions are 50%  and cookies are for 90 days. Teachable pays the commissions. They report on the 20th day after month’s end, and pay at the end of that month.

I need to add you manually as an affiliate to Teachable. If you already own one of my classes, just email me at info [AT] contentaccelerators [dot] com.  Or, sign up for one of the free classes and then email me 🙂

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